Check the link on the frontpage to reserve a seat.
Each table supports six people, and when you purchase a ticket you can select anywhere at the table to sit.
The tickets are non-refundable. However, the tickets are not personal either, which means that if you somehow aren't able to go, you are welcome to give/sell the ticket to someone else. 
You DO have to bring the ticket to the ITU LAN, if you want to claim your table/seat(s). 


You must be a least 18 years of age to participate in the ITU LAN. The reason for this is that the student bar ("ScrollBar") will be open and serving alcohol. You are, however, not required to be an ITU student or have a student card to attend. Learn more about this in the "NON-ITU STUDENTS" section on this page.  


During the weekend different tournaments will be held. To sign up, click on "tournaments" in the menu.
The official rules for the tournaments can be found on the specific games tournament page. If you fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified.
If you have any questions about the specific tournament, please contact the individual tournament hosts.  


There will be security-guards at ITU the entire weekend.
Remember to bring your study card!
The main entrance will be open 24/7.


As usual, you can park at the ITU parking grounds, if you have a parking license. If you do not, you can choose to pay for it, but it is VERY expensive - unfortunately parking and/or transport to and from ITU is not included in the ticket, and you'll have to provide this on your own. There are some streets nearby with free parking, and the DR parking space should be a lot cheaper than ITU's. 


Officially, sleeping is not permitted anywhere on the ITU premises, due to security and fire safety reasons. We apologize for this inconvenience, but you can store your items on ITU in the locked storage if you wish to go home and sleep (but not to bring all your stuff back and forth). 


We encourage you to bring snacks and food etc. for the duration of the weekend, but should you run out there's a Døgn Netto close by. The closest pizzaria is "Øens Pizzaria", click here to go to their webpage. 
ScrollBar will be open on friday, at normal opening hours (15-02). 


On each floor there is a kitchen, equipped with a microwave oven, fridge, stove and kettle. These are free and available for use. 


Non-ITU students are most welcome to join the LAN party. However, as you don't have a study card, you won't be able to get inside the building. There's unfortunately no simple fix for this (we can't leave the doors unlocked), so if you find yourself stuck outside, please call Mikkel (2671 6473) - he will let you in.


As last time, there will be some locked rooms for storage of computers and other gear, if you wish to leave to a longer period (maybe to go home and sleep) and don't want to leave your things unattended. Storage will close at 4AM and open at 9AM. 


If you have any questions about ITU LAN which weren't answered here, you can check our facebook page which will be updated with more info (also during the LAN), or contact us.